Shake with Care: Picking the Right Bottle for Making fatCoffee

A recent customer mentioned that he's had a hard time finding a good, high-quality bottle which he could use to shake up fatCoffee - and particularly one which traveled well. Since this is pretty darn important (it's one of the things that makes fatCoffee travel-ready), and because it's really important not to use a cheap, loosely sealed water bottle, here are 5 options you can pick that should do the trick. First, a note of caution: if you are going to put a hot liquid into an enclosed space, and then shake that space up for 30-60 seconds, there are some things you can expect. First, you will create pressure inside that bottle. If the bottle isn't sealed tightly, hot coffee/tea will sputter all over the place. Second, you need to open the bottle slowly. I can't stress this enough. fatCoffee tastes much, much better when you are sipping it from a mug, rather than having it splattered all over your face. Anyway, here are 5 good bottles that will seal tight, open slowly, and keep your fatCoffee hot.

Thermos Stainless King 16-Ounce Compact Bottle ($25)

This 16 oz double-walled bottle travels well, and has two caps: an inner cap that seals onto a threaded, stainless-steel neck, and a second outer lid that is double insulated and serves as a mug. For $25, you can't do much better. It's heavy, but it'll keep your coffee or tea hot for 12 hours. I'll load one of these up with 2 cups of coffee (about 14 oz,) and two packets of fatCoffee, and shake it up throughout the day when I'm at the office. Buy it on Amazon

Nalgene On The Fly Water Bottle ($11)

Though it isn't insulated, this bottle has the advantage of a flip-top lid which can be locked closed with a metal clasp. This is one of our go-to water bottles when we make fatCoffee at home, but be warned that it doesn't keep your coffee hot for very long. There is also a "kids" version which is just the right size for making a single cup of fatCoffee. This is, in fact, what you'll see me using in the Shaker Method video. When you shake this up, and unclasp the metal lock, the lid will usually "pop" open. Satisfying, but do keep it pointed away from your face. Buy it on Amazon

12oz WaterVault Double Wall Vacuum Insulated 18/8 Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($17)

The double-wall refers to the fact that there are two layers of steel, one inside the other, and a sealed-in pocket of air between them. This keeps the inside hot or cold, and the outside stays room-temperature. There is only a single, screw-on lid so you will need to make sure you seal it tight to keep the coffee from splattering. But the lid seals into and around the upper lip, so you should get a good seal. Buy it on Amazon

Thermos Vacuum Insulated 16 Ounce Compact Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle ($26)

Vacuum Insulated and Double Walled are the same thing - this Thermos is functionally the same as the "Stainless King" at the top of the list, and similarly priced. This also as the twin lid of its larger cousin, with the inside lid threading into the neck of the bottle to form a tight seal. You also don't have to unscrew the lid completely to pour, just half a turn or so (which is enough to let the steam built up inside escape, too.) Buy it on Amazon

Zota Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle ($20)

The flip-top lid of the OTF water bottle combined with a double-walled insulation of the Thermos. This is a convenient and compact option, and the safety latch is designed to keep the bottle from accidentally opening. Still, I would keep a finger on the lid when you're shaking, just as an added precaution. Buy on Amazon  
  So there you have it! 5 high quality bottles you can use to shake up your fatCoffee. Oh and Premium Subscribers: you might have a nice surprise coming in your subscription boxes sometime in July ;)

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